China Eastern Airlines Jiangsu – Pilot Reports

November 2017 Interview

Sim check

Everything was very relaxed and calmed, we met in the lobby with, Crystal the VOR Local Support person, my Sim partner and Frank the Humans Resource Manager, we went by taxi to the Sim center, we ate something in the cantine and then went to the briefing room to wait for the China Eastern instructor, we had a coffee and chatted a bit. Twenty minutes before eight the instructor arrived, he asked a bit about my flight experience, the aircrafts I’ve flown, when was my last landing, that basically was it!

We went in to the sim, the instructor gave me his i-pad to use, with all the Jeppesen charts, the airbus performance App, and We started to load the Fmcgs, i calculated the performance and loaded the engine failures procedure, my partner loaded the route and departure. The flight is a Hong kong- Shanghai. Weather: wind 150/35kt, 15c, qnh 1013.

Take off runway 07R, landing 07L.

Take off engine failure (severe damage), engine failure procedures, a terrain warning with corresponding maneuvers, vectors back to the field, ILS 07l, low visibility and Go around with n-1. Prepare the next Approach VOR, and landing. Next repositioning, take off, visual circuit and land, engine fire on ground with evacuation.

That’s it!!