China Southern Airlines – Pilot Reports


Since our arrival in CAN were greeted at the airport by VOR Holdings Local Support , who gave us an absolutely wonderful service , from our arrival in CAN until the last day , check- in and departure back to LAX . The support that Jane gave us was 100 % and we saw that no other candidate of other agencies , received similar support .


The night we went to Zhuhai , we were greeted with dinner and after that a briefing for the simulator (separated by equipment , in this case , 737).

During the briefing , was basically read the program that already had been delivered, and the instructor got open for questions. As we have previously been told to not ask many questions, we just observed and took notes. The instructor said that the SOP procedures adopted in the simulator could be the same procedures used in our company.

Simulator session:

We went to the training center, accompanied by VOR Holdings Local Support and went straight to the cafeteria as instructed, to find the instructor. There was no briefing , we were told got directly to the simulator.

In the simulator we find already energized and in takeoff position. My partner began its first session and I as monitoring pilot occupying the right seat.

Difficulties encountered: No auto-throtle (simulator malfunction) , the approach charts the instructor gave us were a4 format (lucky we took our already printed in A5 format).

At the time of reading the QRH, engine failure, had missing pages of the checklist (China Southern´s QRH manual).

In my session, the maneuvers were, in sequence:
Normal takeoff, climb, wing-body overheat, read checklist normal operation.
Dual FMC failure (sim version 2 FMC), RAW DATA operation, after reading the checklist the instructor gave the message that the company requested we return to the Wuhan airport.
Operation in Wuhan, night, IMC, ceiling and visibility at minimums.

Performed the first approximation, reaching the MDA above the ramp (4 white lights ) and offset (not stabilized ), I did a missed approach procedure and then after confirming the conditions (IMC remained at minimum ), I requested another approach.
In the second approach, reached the MDA in similar conditions to the first, being necessary a new missed approach.

I emphasize that according my company SOP, at this time a mandatory proceed to the alternate airport was needed (avoid compulsion for landing), however, since it is maneuver training environment and not a LOFT session, the instructor, repositioned the aircraft to a 90 degrees final intercept heading, for a new shot.

In this third approach I got a successfully landing (stabilized approach), touching the ground with 6,000 kgs of fuel remaining (allowing further proceed with a regulamentary fuel for a 2 hours alternate flight).

After this, takeoff, visual traffic traffic, strong cross-wind (30 kts) and turbulence.
The visual traffic was manually flown, standard Boeing pattern and joined the final approach on the ramp (2 white, 2 red).

In short final (100 feet), engine fire, continued approach, after landing, I asked the PM to declare emergency, we perform the recall items and extinguished fire.

The simulator was finished. There were no comments or debriefings.

The next day, I received the result through an official of China Southern (Toni), the instructor did not like my NDB procedure and also said that not liked my manual pilot skills. He said I could try another check in 3 months.

Due the distance of travel, and so many days off required to go to China, I will not try another interview in China for at least one year.

Although disappointed with the result , I respect the instructor´s decision. However I not understand why a NDB/DME RAW DATA PROCEDURE takes so high priority in a sim check, operating a modern RNAV equipped aircraft. (In some countries and airlines in the world, the NDB procedure is already banned).

I feel disappointed not to receive direct feedback from the instructor on my simulator session. I would like to acknowledge the work of the VOR Holdings, who gave us a lot of work impeccable and professional, received a treatment never seen anywhere.

I appreciate all of the attention .

By:  Anonymous for now (I am still working)


What to Expect – By VOR Holdings Local Support

This time it is the first time to stay there one week for the whole interview process. I would like to share the experience of our first gourp and make it easier for the your coming trip for China Southern Interview.

1. When you arrive at the terminal, we will have our stuff waiting for you at the Exit with the sign of your name and flight No.

2. Normally we will take a cab to the hotel, which is 15-20 mins ride depending on the traffic status. The Cost of the cab will be around 100 RMB (16-17 USD). In case you have small baggage to travel with, you can choose to go with the China Southern shuttle bus, which will take 40 mins to get around the hotel (the dirver will not stop at the hotel unless you tell him in Chinese.) then you need walking around 5-10 mins.  Checking in at the front desk with your passport and told them the reservation is under the name of China Southern.

3. The breakfast is included. Western style. Then you have 100 RMB for lunch and another 100 RMB for dinner per day. If the cost of lunch or dinner is more than 100 RMB, you only need pay the extra. Mini bar in the room or business center expense are not included.

4. There is wifi in the hotel. Depending on your room location, the wifi in the room is…  But you will definitely have the cable connection to the internet in the room. Be sure to bring an Ethernet Adapter for your computer.