Document Authentication

One you have been accepted for a position at any of the Chinese Airlines, you will need to Authenticate some documents. Usually, the two documents are your No Accident Letter from your last employer and your No Criminal Letter from a law enforcement organization.

Document authentication procedures vary by country.  The procedure below for the USA candidates is presented as an example that should help candidates from other countries understand the process.

Below is the procedure for authenticating these documents. This procedure is from a company called VisaRite, but this is not an endorsement of them. They are just the company that comes out on top of the Google search. Please use any company that you are comfortable with. Please be sure to read the IMPORTANT NOTE at the bottom of this posting.

Documents Authentication

Documents issued in the USA to be used in China, such as Affidavit of Support, Adoption Documents, Certificate of Employment, Birth/Death Certificates, Power of Attorney, Personal Identification Certificate, Business License, Trade Mark Registration and etc. should be legalized by the Chinese Embassy or a Chinese Consulate in the United States before they can be used in China.

VisaRite Service Inc can obtain document authentication on your behalf only if you live in one of following states: Connecticut, Maine, Ohio, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.

STEP 1 – Notarized by Local Notary Public

Every document should first be notarized by a local Notary Public.
In the states of New York, New Jersey and Ohio, the signature of the Notary Public must be also legalized by the County Clerk.

If the document was issued by the state government, such as business certification, marriage license, birth certificates, etc, you must request a certified copy from the state directly, no need to have it notarized.

STEP 2 – Authenticated by the Secretary of State

Every document should be authenticated separately by the Secretary of State. Once authenticated, the staple(s) must not be removed, or it will invalidate the document

STEP 3 – Authentication Application Form

Download and fill out “Authentication Application Form”

STEP 4 – Select a Service

The authentication fees vary depending on type of the documents and level of service
Commercial Documents (Documents regarding property, finance or business such as: Business license, labor agreement, inheritance, property transfer, Power of Attorney for real estate/property purposes):

Regular 5 day processing: US$115.00/per document
Consular Fee: $40.00 + Processing Fee: $60.00 + Return shipping fee: $15.00
Express 3 day processing: US$160.00/per document
Consular Fee: $60.00 + Processing Fee: $80.00 + Return shipping fee: $20.00
Express Plus 1- 2 day processing: US$199.00/per document
Consular Fee: $70.00 + Processing Fee: $109.00 + Return shipping fee: $20.00

Forms of Payment:
Payment needs to be in forms of money order, cashiers check, bank check, certified check, company check or cash. Please make check or money order payable to VisaRite Services Inc. Personal check is not accepted.

STEP 5 – Complete Service Request Form

STEP 6 – Send the Application Package to VisaRite Service (or the company that you choose)

Put all following items together in one package

  • The original notarized and authenticated document, and a photo copy of each single page. You may fold page when making copies. Do not unstaple, or it will invalidate the document.
    One clearly and completely filled “Application Form for Authentication “.
  • Copy of the passport or photo ID of the applicant.
  • In cases of commercial authentication, a copy of the company’s license or proof of good standing of the company are required.
  • Check or money order payable to VisaRite Service Inc to cover the total cost.

Send all above to VisaRite Services Inc. by FedEx, UPS, DHL, Express Mail or other traceable courier service:

VisaRite Services Inc.
460 Van Emburgh Ave
Ridgewood, NJ 07450
Tel: (201) 445-7088

The processing time is Consulate processing time and doesn’t include the return shipping time.
Above fee including the Consulate fee, VisaRite service fee, and return shipping fee by FedEx/UPS.
Currently VisaRite only provide the document authentication service to applicants live in following states: Connecticut; Maine; Ohio; Massachusetts; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New York; Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.
Return Shipping Fee listed is good for up to 2 documents; add $5.00 for each additional document.

IMPORTANT NOTE: During the process, you will be asked to make copies at various steps after cover pages have been stapled or attached by a brad or other method. Be sure that you do not separate any of the documents for the convenience of making copies. Breaking the attachment (the seal) will result the refusal of the Chinese Consulate or Embassy refusing to complete the authentication and the need to begin the process again. For most of you, every day of delay created at this point is costing you over US$400 per day (depending on the position). You do not want anything slowing you down.