9Air – Airline Operating Procedures

Attached are approach plates for the Guangzhou Airport.  ZGGG Approach Plates Flight Crew Training Manual and QRH for the B737 NG NOTE – These documents are for reference only. They may have been customized by the user airline for their use. They were accurate at the time of posting on this website. _737-8GQ-OKY_OM_OKY_C-10_110428_QRH_B2P-C    

9Air – Pilot Reports

PIREP 2019-03-06 The process was simple. The hotel booked , “ Vienna Hotel” , is neighborhood from the 9 Air building , a walking distance , 300 meters .  The Simulator is on a square building in front of the main company building. The simulator screening was from 02:00 to 06:00 a.m , me and […]