Air Chang’an – Pilot Reports

PIREP 1 Air Chang’an SIM Check. Started as PM On the RWY 09 MIA Takeoff wind-shear climb to FL 300 thru about 10000 right pack fault thru FL250 left bleed fault, started descend, never lost the cabin. Return to MIA RWY 12 ILS to missed at minimum, right at application of TOGA lost left ENG, […]

Air Chang’an – Airline Operating Procedures

Flight Crew Training Manual and QRH for the B737 NG NOTE – These documents are for reference only. They may have been customized by the user airline for their use. They were accurate at the time of posting on this website. _737-8GQ-OKY_OM_OKY_C-10_110428_QRH_B2P-C _737NG_FCTM_TBC_C_110729__B2P-C