Xiamen Air – Secrets to Passing the Interview

Notes on Application for Chinese ATPL and Flight with XIAMEN AIRLINES An applicant should meet the following requirements before flying in China and working at XIAMEN AIRLINES: Pass the ATPL theory test of the CAAC. Pass the ATPL license test of the CAAC. Finish the ground theory learning and flight simulator exercise of XIAMEN AIRLINES; […]

Xiamen Air – Airline Operating Procedures

B737 Quick Referrence, B737 Standard Operating Manual,  Flight Crew Training Manual and QRH for the B737 NG NOTE – These documents are for reference only. They may have been customized by the user airline for their use. They were accurate at the time of posting on this website. B737 Quick Reference Handbook – R40 B737 […]

Xiamen Air – Pilot Reports

PIREP – June 18, 2019 B787 Simulator A Spanish  captain, age over 50,B787 PIC 2000+, Regular simulator experience in current airlines.   Airport: KSEA, Rwy 34R  condition wet, Xwind 25-30 Kts   – Positioned at 34R KSEA threshold for T/O briefing, engines already running, flaps set, and performance calculated for you.   -Windshear on takeoff.  Vectors for the climb […]