JuneYao Airlines – Interview Moments (Photos)

JuneYao B787

Meeting Candidates at the Airport


The Pearl of the Orient – View from the Bund


Shanghai is an ancient city which has traditional buildings of ancient China.   Qibao, Shanghai


Shanghai Disneyland


JuneYao Airlines uses the Mercure Hotel for Candidates


Hotel Mercure Reception


Traditional Shanghai Food – Not spicy


Traditional Shanghai Food – Not spicy


JuneYao has its own SIM center with three A320 simulators


CAAC Checkride


A320 FTP


A typical apartment in Shanghai


Shanghai has unlimited shopping


Shanghai has both Western and Chinese restaurants


A Shanghai Public Hospital


All Staff in the Shanghai Hospital can speak English


Hospital Nurse’s Station


One of the international schools in Shanghai.  The school is located in the same district as JuneYao Airline’s offices


Shanghai Metro signage is in both English and Chinese