Sparkle Roll Jet – Airline Interview Process

You have been accepted by Sparkle Roll to attend their interview in China.  This may be your first trip to China, so there are several things that you should know.  China is one of safest countries in the world.   A VOR Holdings representative will be with you most of the time during your interview, but whether we are there or not, you should not be concerned about shopping or exploring on your own.  Just take your room key or a hotel card so that a taxi driver can return you to the hotel if you get lost.  Unlike taxi drivers in many other countries, the taxi drivers in China are honest and try their best to help you.

When you arrive at the airport, a VOR Holdings Representative will be waiting for you at the airport with your full name on a sign.   We will take you to the hotel and accompany you to the various parts of the interview.

It is important that you bring certain items to the interview.  Some of the items are mandatory and some are optional, but recommended.

Below are the mandatory items:
Documents: Passport, ATP License and Medical Certificate
Photos: 8 Blue background 33 mm X 48 mm
Clothes: Uniform or suit
Interview Forms: Commitment form and contract
Medical Documents: Current Medical
SIM Check: QRH
Cash For Incidentals: RMB 2000 (≈$320 USD)

Below are the optional items that you may wish to bring with you:
Computer Equipment: Notebook/Tablet and power plug adapter
Communications Equipment: Wireless access point and VPN

Some of the websites that you may routinely use (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are not accessible while you are in China if you do not have a VPN on your computer or tablet or smart phone.  If you choose to install a VPN, it is recommended that you get the VPN working correctly before traveling to China as you may not be able to access the website where you purchased the VPN after you arrive.  We have found that and offer products that work well in China.

Many hotels in China only have ethernet connections, so a portable access point gives you the ability to use your smartphones, tablets and notebooks without ethernet connections.  This is a convenience item, but can definitely make your stay more enjoyable.

Other Items:
Your flight tickets will be prepaid and your accommodations inside China will be prepaid by airline.  The ground transportation while you are in China will be provided by VOR Holdings and the airline. None

You should drink bottled water while on your interview.  Getting sick before or during the interview is not good.  Also, avoid eating raw vegetables.

Chenchen Meng is your onboard support consultant and will coordinate your interview. She can be reached at:

Chenchen Meng
+86 137 1779 0519
Skype: chenchenmeng.vorholdings

Welcome to China and have FUN!