Chengdu Airlines – Pilot Reports

PIREP   2019-04-03

First I would to thank Zoe, Julie and Jack for the support!!!

I would like to give a few tips regarding my screening at Chengdu Airlines, on the simulator day.

We were two Captains for the screening and on the first beginning, on arrival, we were in doubt about who was going to be flying with, I mean we both partners in the simulator?  But at around 01:15 minutes before the scheduled simulator starting time, the first officer arrived, but even himself didn’t know if he would be flying as FO or seating in the back.

He was a very polite and helpful FO, trying to explain as much he could about any questions we directed to him, he was 16 hours experienced on the Airbus, yeah, 16 hours.

At 30 minutes before the simulator, the instructor arrived, nice guy, very straightforward and no problems at all!!!

He took our files provided by each company like VOR to get an idea about experiences, flying hours, etc and for me as I’m employed he was in doubt about that much hours I had flown on the previous 6 months and I showed him my Logbook (bring it just in case).

Them one by one went to the simulator and the instructor made the decision in who would start first. So the FO was there to be the PNF of the both of us assessment.

For me, I felt very welcomed in using my own iPad or manuals if needed. The charts I’ve downloaded from the Jeppensen but also printed a few just in case.

As I’ve mentioned, I was the second candidate in the assessment, so the aircraft was already at the runway ready for take off, RWY 02L, SID ZYG  something, crosswind 10Kt, dry runway, QNH 1002.

I’ve checked the FMGS insertion, made a quick briefing including the emergency briefing in case of any failure during take off and made a good CRM with the FO to let him speak whatever he could see, at least a good way to monitor him as well (non experienced).

Before take off Checklist completed and take off.

Just on the initial climb we’ve got the wind shear without warning, I just noticed the wind shifting in speed turning tail more than 20Kt, the FO didn’t noticed but I started with the STD memory items for the maneuver.  Be careful in reducing the THR when out of the shear, make sure you’re above the THR ACC ALT and keep your pitch up to do not over speed in flaps.

Out on climb, transition altitude and 10,000’ checks.

Resuming normal climb we’ve got ADR 1+2 FAULT.  We’ve stoped climb as cleared at around 14000’ but in meters, of course, just don’t remember.

We’ve had already passed BHS and I’ve requested direct to any of the VOR in front but the instructor gave us direct to BHS which was behind instead.

We turned back while he cleared us to descend and hold over BHS.

As we managed to get all the ECAM, WEATHER and LAND DIST very soon, we hold once only.

After BHS radar vectors and step descends till the final approach for the ILS DME Y 02L. Crosswind 20Kt and landing.

On the second take off, crosswind technique with wind above 25Kt crossing, engine out and do not engage the AUTO PILOT, otherwise another failure will be triggered on purpose just to make you manual flying the aircraft.
Know the “ENGINE SECURE” concept to know where to level off.  And the ENG OUT ACC follow the one in the FMGS (1500’ as far as I remember).

Radar vector back to the runway using same procedure as before, on radar vectors to the downwind leg and land.

Take off, visual circuit to land.

Take off again, reject and evacuation.

Usually few other guys experienced different failures during flight instead of ADR 1+2 I had.
Expect also SLATS AND FLAPS FAULT (previous candidate got this), or DUAL HYDRAULIC, or DUAL FMGC, or DUAL FCU and or FAC 1+2 FAULT.

Just before we left the simulator the instructor told me straightaway “WELCOME TO CHENGDU AND CHENGDU AIRLINES”.

No debriefing even when I was still holding pen and papers for it.  But he mentioned, for both of us, “no need debriefing, you both went well”, which in my opinion, for those who are not used to this, is always better to prepare and expect a debriefing in the assessment as well.

I hope I was clear enough with my notes to help whoever is about to experience this screening!!!

My best regards and good luck to all!!!



PIREP  2019-03-07

Thank you so much again for your support Zoe. It really helps me a lot. Also the support from local team Jack and Julie, they are great. I hope everything goes well on my medical final result.

The simulator instructor was nice and gentle. First he gets my resume and asked me to check my flight logbook. He did not make any questions about it. I had half an hour before start the SIM Check to talk to the Chinese copilot which was from CDAL to get know each other.
At the simulator we started with engines running and at the holding point of 02L. He came with a low speed RTO and repositioning again. Second takeoff we had a W/S right after takeoff and once out of shear we had a Slat Fault at 0 and returned vectored to ILSDMEZ02L final approach.
Weather landing conditions: CATI at minimums with Xwind at 28kt. Third takeoff we had an engine fail at VR and return vectored again, same weather condition and he asked me to perform a manual flight and land without AP. On fourth TO he gave me right after takeoff a FCU1+2 fault and again returned vectored to ILSDME02L app same weather condition and came to a complete landing. 
About the ATPL test, I started to study 3 mouths before to come to Chengdu every day at my home country. Feizhiyi and China ATPL Test Application helped me a lot.  I got 85 score passed ATPL test .
Thank you VOR Holdings Team for all your support!




A Brazilian captain, age under 40,A320 PIC 3000+,Regular simulator experience in current airlines.

I’m going to give you a short briefing about the simulator ride from this Thursday. 

The assessment pilot, was Captain Dan Quan, who is the Chief Pilot of Chengdu airlines. Captain Quan was very polite and professional all the time. The co-pilot (Chengdu employee and chinese national) was very professional and extremely helpfull. 

We took off from ZUUU towards ZUGY. Take runway was 02L with a 20 knots crosswind. The Sid was ZYG-02D. 

After take off the AP 1 didn’t work so quickly used AP 2 and  right after there was a windshear. 

Continued via the Sid in icing conditions until 15000ft. Around 21000ft during climb we had a Eng Fail 2 with damage. Turned around to Chengdu (light weight. 61t) and did the ILS 02L with a 20kt crosswind and low visibility. Saw the runway at minimund and landed. 

Another take off from 02L and this time FCU 1+2 Ecam came up. Try to troubleshoot (Qrh system reset) with no sucess and returned via the Ils02L again with a20kt crosswind. Near minimuns I wasn’t stable and went around. At 1500 ft Agl, Capt Quan repositioned me for another Ils. Did ok this time and landed. 

It was around two hours sim ride on the A320 with Cfm56 engines. 

Any suggestion for other foreign captains?

Ummm. I did use the chinese aproach plate, which was fine by me. But couldn’t find what app plate I wanted very fast on the company Ipad. So try to relax and don’t rush trying to find it. I ended up using the co pilot a lot for that. He was very helpfull. I used CTU ipad, but they allow you to use your own ipad.And try to know the area. At least were you going after any failure Or any close airport in case Ctu was closed.Was regular sim ride.I always study for the sim according to the requirements of my current airline. So until today i have had any problens at sim.If you don’t have any problens in your country, I think you won’t have in here for the company sim.