Air Chang’an Airlines B737NG Captains (Four Options)

DUE TO CURRENT BUSINESS CONDITIONS, AIR CHANG’AN IS NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS – However, VOR Holdings has other B737 positions available. BaseXi’an, China Compensation: (net amount received by pilot) Option 1 – 100% Resident$24,500 USD per month made up of:+$16,200 USD base service fee per month+$2,000 USD Type rating allowance+$800 USD Base allowance+$2,000 USD Housing Allowance+$500 […]

Tianjin A320 Captains (Eight Options)

VOR Holdings is NOW accepting applications from A320 Captains for positions with Tianjin Airlines. These are IMMEDIATE contract assignments with excellent conditions. A320 Captain may be considered for being upgraded to the A330 anytime after three years of flying for the airline. Base Tianjin and Xi’an, China Compensation: (net amount received by pilot) Option A: 90 days OFF per year […]