9Air – Pilot Reports

PIREP 2019-03-06

The process was simple.
The hotel booked , “ Vienna Hotel” , is neighborhood from the 9 Air building , a walking distance , 300 meters .  The Simulator is on a square building in front of the main company building.
The simulator screening was from 02:00 to 06:00 a.m , me and Qiqi met  at the hotel reception at 01:20 a.m , we walked to 9 Air simulator , arriving before 01:30 a.m which it was the time they asked us to be there.
There were 2 more pilots for the screening, 1 Type rated , the other not. Around 01:45 the captain who did our screening arrived, Qiqi told me he is the Vice President from the company.
He arrived with an English translator, he was friendly, there were no any questions about technical issues for no one , he just ask where we were from and our flying experience.
On 02:00 a.m , we went to the sim , i helped first as pilot not flying the type rated captain.
We started with engines running , aligned with the runway , we took off visual and he gave us a windsheer maneuver , after we did a left visual pattern and full landing.
We take off again and during climb , performed a TCAS Resolution maneuver, simple , visual.
Came back and made an ILS , full landing , was IFR , we saw the approach lights , 100 to 150 feet above minimum.
Take off again , climbed to 10.000’ than we performed one step turn 360 degree , and a clean stall , flying straight ( on my check was clean , but in a turn ) .
Take off again , he gave us a left engine flame out , at V1 , we perform the procedure , we asked a QHR , the instructor told , no need ,  we came back and landed 1 engine , with full stop.
Than was 1 aproach visual with strong crosswind , aroud 30 to 35 kts, and he finished.
After this flight we made a break, there is a coffe machine and some small snacks in the resting room, after we rest we went back to the sim and he repeat the same manevers with me.
After finished , he asked me where i was living and why i quited my job,
We talked a little and he told he would give VOR an answer later about the check ride,
we shake hands and i left.
Everyone were polite and the company has a very “young “ feeling , employees looked more relax (in a good way , don’t mistake “relax” with un-responsible or lazy ) , they were all working hard, but I feel the environment more lighter, younger , faster comparing with my previous company.
It was a good experience.