AllPoints Jet Gulfstream 450/550 Captains

VOR Holdings is NOW accepting applications from Gulfstream 450/550 Captains for positions with a AllPoints Jet. These are IMMEDIATE contract assignments and which have excellent conditions.

Base: Chengdu, China

Compensation: (net amount received by pilot)

Month ON, Month OFF:
$15,333 USD per month made up of
$14,500 USD base
$833 USD Transportation ($5,000 USD reimbursed each 6 months) P
PLUS $110 USD per hour over 360 hours per year

Per Diem Asia/Pacific: $100 USD per day
Per Diem Americas/Australia: $120 USD per day
Per Diem Europe/Middle East: $160 USD per day

Other Benefits:
Employer liability insurance for the Pilot provided by the airline.
Personal accident insurance provided by the airline.
Health and medical insurance provided by the airline.

VOR Holdings Special
VOR Holdings local support staff
Personal accident insurance provided by VOR Holdings
International Medical, Prescription & Dental insurance available that protects your family anywhere in the world
Group Loss of License insurance available

Minimum Requirements

  • Less than 56 years of age at the start of the assignment
  • Valid ATPL in type
  • Valid Class I Medical
  • English proficient (ICAO Level 4 and above)
  • No accident
  • No criminal record
  • 3,000 hours Total
  • 500 hours PIC in type
  • 24 take offs and landings during the last 12 months

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SKYPE: cristina.vorholdings (English/Spanish)