Hainan Airlines – Airline Operating Procedures

Attached is the B737-800 Hainan Airlines SOP. It is very important that you become familiar with these procedures. Most likely, your airline uses different procedures. Chinese airlines do not recognize any of these modified SOPs. While your airline’s procedure are safe, they are not recognized and using them will likely result in the failure of […]

Hainan Airlines – Pilot Reports

PIREP 1 I wanted to tell you a little feedback on the interview itself. It was pretty basic, the chief pilots for both the A330 and A340 were there, they spoke mostly in Chinese and the interpreter attempted to convey technical questions. That was hard for her because she didn’t understand anything about the aircraft. […]

Hainan Airlines – Airline Interview Process

You have been accepted by Hainan to attend their interview in China.  This may be your first trip to China, so there are several things that you should know.  China is one of safest countries in the world.   A VOR Holdings representative will be with you most of the time during your interview, but whether […]