It is critical that your names must be exactly the same on all of the key documents including the following:

  • Passport
  • ATP License
  • Medical
  • No-Accident Letter
  • No-Criminal Letter

If you have documents that do not match, please start the process of making them match now. Please do not wait. Miss-matched names will eventually cost you money by not being to get onboard as fast as you could otherwise.

There are several steps along the way that will be slowed by miss matched names. All miss matches must be cleared before you can get your final license and get to full pay.


You must have either a business or tourist visa to enter China for the interview. The business visa is highly preferred, but some countries seem reluctant to issue business visas.

A crew visa will not work. To use a crew visa, you must be part of the crew that flew the aircraft to China and you would need to enter the country as part of your crew.