NAMES It is critical that your names must be exactly the same on all of the key documents including the following: Passport ATP License Medical No-Accident Letter No-Criminal Letter If you have documents that do not match, please start the process of making them match now. Please do not wait. Miss-matched names will eventually cost […]

Document Authentication

One you have been accepted for a position at any of the Chinese Airlines, you will need to Authenticate some documents. Usually, the two documents are your No Accident Letter from your last employer and your No Criminal Letter from a law enforcement organization. Document authentication procedures vary by country.  The procedure below for the […]

CAAC Medical Exam

It is important to prepare for the CAAC Medical Exam.   We can help you prepare for your specific situation.  The first step is to visit your personal physician for a preliminary medical exam.  Your physician should check you for the following:  Liver Fat Kidney Stones Gallbladder Stones Choleserol (At a minimum LDL and HDL […]

CAAC ATPL Written Exam

The CAAC ATPL written exam can interfere with your onboard progress.  We have found two study tools that are the most effective to prepare you to pass the exam. Passing the FeiZhiYi online study/exam program is a mandatory requirement of the VOR Holdings “Prepaid Interview” Program.   Ask your recruiting person for details. The question […]