VietJet Airlines A320/321 Captains and First Officers

VOR Holdings is NOW accepting applications from A320 Captains for positions with VietJet Air. These are IMMEDIATE contract assignments with excellent conditions.

Base – Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Danang, Cam Ranh, Haiphong, Vietnam

Compensation (net amount received by pilot): Captains: Option A (6 weeks ON, 2 weeks OFF) or Option B (3 weeks ON / 1 weeks OFF)

Approximately $12,700 USDper month (depending on hours and sectors)

First Officers: Option A (6 weeks ON, 2 weeks OFF) or Option B (3 weeks ON / 1 weeks OFF)

Approximately $7,620 USD per month (depending on hours and sectors)

The detailed components of the pay are as follows:
Item Captain First Officer
Basic Fee $4,600 $2,600
Flight Allowance per hour $65 $43
Sector Allowance per sector $35 $18

Career Development
There is great opportunity for career progression within VietJet. For Captains there are opportunities to become LTC / TRI / DPE.

Travel Benefits:
VietJet shall ensure that all pilots and their qualified family members shall have access to airline staff travel right after signing date of service in accordance with staff travel policy.

  • VietJet Airlineswill provide the uniforms to be worn on duty
  • All uniforms shall be returned toVietJetAirlines at the end of the assignment
  • Pilot will at all times act professionally and observe VietJet Airlines’s rules and regulations
  • Pilot will be a participative member of the VietJet Airlines Team
  • VOR Holdings will provide personal accident insurance in the amount of $150,000 USD.
  • Group international medical, prescription and dental insurance available that protects your family anywhere in the world
  • Group loss of license insurance available
Minimum Requirements
  • Maximum age 60 (M) and 55 (F)
  • Minimum height – 165 cm (M) and 160 cm (F)
  • Minimum weight – 52 kg (M) and 50 kg (F)
  • Valid ICAO CPL/ATPL with A320F Type Rating
  • Valid Class I Medical
  • IR valid (or previous SIM Skill Test)
  • Valid passport with at least 12 months of validity
  • 6 hard copy of photos in uniform (white shirt, tie, stripe, white back ground, size 3×4 cm)
  • English proficient ICAO level 4 or greater
  • No accidents or incidents
  • No criminal record with in 6 months (notarized by Vietnam Embassy from country of origin)
  • Captains: 4,000 hours TT and >1,500 hours PIC in the A320 (PICUS not included)
  • First Officer: 1,000 hours and >500 hours (PICUS not included)
  • Currency in A320 within previous 12 months (refresher course at own cost is a must for those who are not recent within 120 days)
  • Last five pages of logbooks
  • Recommendation Letter / Release Letter from previous airlines

Term of Contract – Two years (renewable)

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